Guys and Dolls a musical to cheer up

What a night!!! How to star to describe such a cheerful, full of joy, tremendous humours and so much fun this is what Guys and Doll musical is. You can’t miss it, you will be entertaining from the beginning to the end.

Is a classical of Broadway musical, with an excellent cast of singers and dancer with full of colours.

This musical will illuminated your night with full of positivism vibes.


Considering the musical originated as a movie in 1955 with Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra, the critics were bound to be hyper-sensitive to how the well-known characters are portrayed by a rising stars.


Rebel Wilson (well know for Pitch Perfect films) has joining West End’s production of Guy and Dolls, it seemed like a match made in heaven.

She has shown her talent for commanding a stage, together with her vocal range and with her great funny talent,  now she has enchanted London acting in the  award-winning musical.


Director Gordon Greenberg said he cast Rebel in Guys And Dolls because he believes she’s the spirit of the era it was released in.

‘These days it seems quaint. But I wanted to recapture the danger and the racy tone that it had in 1950, when the language and the sheer exposure of flesh made it pretty bold. I needed someone who would bring a fresh, young, vital energy to the show.

‘Rebel is very smart and strategic about the work she does and you can see instantly that she connects with the audience in the way the young Bette Midler did,’ he said.


The show teems with funny lines such as that delivered by a sharp-suited hood who, seeking to aid the elopement of Nathan Detroit with his long-time fiancee Miss Adelaide, tactfully announces: “I’ll lend you my getaway car.” The wit of the book extends to Frank Loesser’s music and lyrics, which are driven by character rather than events. A classic example is Adelaide’s Lament, in which a showgirl’s frustration at being as permanently engaged as a box-office telephone leads psychosomatically to a constant cold. Even a big showstopper, such as Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat, allows the song and dance to emerge naturally from the ecstatic vision of a habitual gambler.


Everyone is just so very well played, covert romanticism that allows  the cast to naturally sing “the street light fills the gutter with gold”. images

In the scene of the Havana, in which the liberated mission-girl, Sarah Brown, finds herself engaged in a Carmen-like sexual duel with an exotically plumed local over the body of her escort2015-12-16-1450225794-9144421-ThecastofGuysandDollsphotobyPaulColtas3

I hope you can enjoy this musical as much I had and make your evening so much fun.

Wrote C.Donoso by Positive Diva.

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