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In the heart of the Museum Victoria and Albert we can found a beautiful tour for the fashion process during all this latest years. How fashion has impact our life using different material and ornament to decorated our garment also history has influence in the fashion industry as we can see very well market in the 40s during the war period. I invite to visit this collection to have a pleasant and relax afternoon.

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En el corazón del museo Victoria y Alberto podemos encontrar una bellísima colección de vestuario

Atreves de la historia como se han ido transformando nuestros gustos, telas, diseños afectados incluso por tiempos de austeridad como en el caso de los años 40 que eran tiempos de la segunda guerra mundial.

Esta exhibición promete ser un buen paseo familiar para una relajada tarde.

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here a little tour for the collection.

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un paseo por la collecion 

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After the Second World War

‘Bar’ suit, by Christian Dior, Paris, France, Spring 1947. ‘Bar’ is one of the most important designs from Dior’s first collection. Museum no. T.376-1960

In 1947 Christian Dior launched his New Look collection which, in direct contrast to wartime clothing, revelled in the unashamed luxury and corsetted styles of the late 19th century. His `Bar’ suit from the spring of 1947 in cream silk tussore and fine black wool crepe is made to fit a tiny 45.5cm corsetted waist and exploits just under 7.5m of fabric in the skirt alone. Although a minority of women considered it anachronistic, the New Look was a resounding success among the war-weary population, for whom it evoked the stability of a previous era and embodied hopes for a better future. The promotion of an exaggeratedly feminine figure was in keeping with the prevalent view that women should give up the paid employment they had undertaken as part of the war effort and return to the home.

By 1950 revivalist styles, so evident in women’s fashions, also invaded the most exclusive levels of menswear. The smart single-breasted grey wool `Edwardian’ suit from 1951 – bowler hat, fitted jacket and tapered trousers worn with waisted overcoat and velvet collar – reveals this brief trend. This was to become the source for Teddy boy street styles

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