Where to Eat and Be Happy, Franco Manca Earls Court.

History of the food.

Neapolitan cuisine has ancient historical roots that date back to the Greco-Roman period, which was enriched over the centuries by the influence of the different cultures that controlled Naples and its kingdoms, such as that of Aragon and France.

Restaurant skill: The Pizza is made from slow rising sourdough (minimum 20 hours) and is baked in a wood burning Tufae Brick oven made on site by specialised artisan from Naples. This oven produces a heat of about 500C (930F) The slow levitation and blast cooking process lock in the flour’s Natural aroma and moisture giving a soft, easily digestible crust.


Anecdotal: How I discover this restaurant? I met my friend Maria Teresa she is from Ischia island next to the Naples province she promise to impress me taking me to the real Neapolitan style pizzeria in London named FRANCO MANCA there I was surrounded for Italians for my surprise without knowing I bump to my lovely Italians friends Paolo & Simona it was indeed where Italians, well know for the good food eats and that is the big tip you are in the right place.


The restaurant: The restaurant is pure Italian’s architecture base in the original 1983 Style decorating very simple is keeping a chic and modern style quite fashionable the Tufae Brick oven is the key of the taste , as all pizzas are making as the real Neapolitan cuisine, pizza has a delicious homemade sauce prepare on the restaurant from organic Italian tomatoes  mix with melting cheese , the flour is prepare with enough time to make it rest mix with organic Rapeseed olive oil, all dishes are characterised for being organic including salad mozzarella, organic cheese all products are from Italy and very high quality, even the water we provide to the public is filter. The Public can choose their pizza ingredients as per the menu or make your own topping as basil, chorizo , mozzarella, anchovies, ham and mushrooms, the result is a delicious and light mix of favour, the doubt is light and thing which make it easy to eat and keep the “diet”.

Wine & beers: beers and wine are originally from Italy from organic Vineyard made for Franco Manca with organic wine from Piamonte and South Italian Sicilian wine, also you can find sweet wine as Lambrusco and a selection of artisanal beer exclusive made for FM.

Dessert & coffee: classic desert as tiramisu, lemon cake and affogato, Coffee are pure Arabica beans especially made for FM another taste of delicious aromatic coffee’s lovers.


Staff: I believe a good restaurant is composing for 50% food 40% staff 10% comfort of the place. Earls court’s Franco Manca has reach all my expectation Giovanni is the manager of the place and make you feel like a Italian family coming home with a great welcome he makes sure you have a fabulous evening, surrounded for native Italian waitress full of life and cheerful, you do feel like you had travel to the south of Italy all staff make sure you are comfortable and happy, helping you to  enjoy a pleasant time there, either with friends or work colleagues I totally recommend, for first dates is very affordable with a chic venue without being too romantic or extravagance it suit all ages and wallet.


Despite of lots of people waiting outside the restaurant, It did not took too long to get in, I wait less than 10 min, the restaurant keeps a very organise waiting list; the waiting is worth it as price are very reasonable.

Menu: http://www.francomanca.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/FM-MENU-10-15-PRINT.pdf

If also a take away pizza orders by phone ready in 10 min or stop by on demand


Where to find it: http://www.francomanca.co.uk/ there are 20 restaurants in London best is to enter to this link and find a restaurant near you my favourite is Earls court as is very cosy and more personal style than central London where can be quite busy.

 address. 151 Earls Court Road, London SW5 9RQ. Tel.02038295785

Diva’s Feeling…  five star full satisfactions

Wrote C.Donoso by Positive Diva












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