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Yesterday I went to the most fun event of the year I really like it is the London film and comic I adore to see the incredible work sometimes some people take over 6 months to build one costume. Please enjoy with me these tours of this fabulous people and hope you enjoy as much as I do. I also have the opportunity to meet actors like Dr. Who, Games of Throne or X-Men

Ayer fui a una increíble feria del comic es sorprendente ver la cantidad de disfraces en un solo lugar y lo bien logrado que están algunos de los personajes han trabajado por más de 6 meses para lograr este fabuloso atuendo acompañen me a este mágico tour.

Además me quede muy emocionada a ver actores como los de Games of throne, Dr. Who,  y X-Men entre muchos de los asistentes espero les gusten tanto como a mí.

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Showmasters was founded back in 2002 when two friends had the idea to create an experience where fans could meet their idols face-to-face.

Over a decade on and there’s a Showmasters event running somewhere on most weekends of the year, helping to make fans’ dreams come true time and time again!

Having hosted several thousand fan favourites, from the likes of Stan Lee and Benedict Cumberbatch to Carrie Fisher and, soon,Michael J. Fox (as part of an exclusive Back To The Future cast reunion), we’ve proved that not only do the public enjoy meeting their screen idols, but those idols also love the opportunity to meet their fans.

Jason Joiner, Managing Director of Showmasters, recalls how “back in 2002 there were just three of us working on this full time and maybe another 15 or so friends would help us on a show weekend. Now we have an office full of people working all year round, and up to 350 crew members who volunteer to help make the events happen. It’s like having a huge extended family! Seeing how much enjoyment the events bring is something that makes me very proud of everyone involved.”v

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During the London Film & Comic Festival also attend so many celebrities from TV and films, some there are very well know in this days like the actor of the popular TV show Game of Thrones and also with nostalgia we could see old legends from the memorable movies like Carl Weathers Rocky, Predator , Julian Sands en Gotham, Stargate, Kenny Baker Star Wars R-2 it was very especial and emotional to be in contact so close to them here is the list.

Durante el evento pude encontrar con numerosas celebridades del mundo de la Televisión y del cine entre ellos los actores de la serie televisiva Game of Thrones, también se pudo ver a actores legendarios como Carl Weathers Rocky, Predator , Julian Sands en Gotham, Stargate, Kenny Baker Star Wars R-2 (Arturito) fue algo muy especial y emocionante para mí ver y hablar con estos actores que formaron parte de nuestra niñez y crecimos viendo sus películas.

Michael Emerson Lost, Person of Interest, Sawcomic festival 157

Jack Gleeson Game of Thronescomic festival 156.JPG

Adam “Edge” Copeland Haven, Wrestler  

comic festival 155

Carl Weathers Rocky, Predator


comic festival 153

Jamie Harris Agents Of Shield, Green Hornet  comic festival 148comic festival 134 - Copy

Gail Kim Wrestler, Impact comic festival 132 - Copy

Gemma Whelam

comic festival 130 - Copy

Ellie Kendrick Game of Thronescomic festival 127 - Copy

Kristian Nairn Game of Thrones

comic festival 126comic festival 128

Richard Brake GOT, Batman, Doomcomic festival 129

Kenny Baker Star Wars

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I hope you like and we see you next year , If you need more details how to come to the event next year please contact me I will tell you how to be there.

Si le ha gustado el articulo y desea participar en este evento la proxima vez contactese con migo yo le dire como llegar.

Wrote C.Donoso by Positive Diva.


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