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Olympia lights up with an array of Japanese brands again this summer for Hyper Japan’s return to London. With a fabulous contestants in the cosplay competition here are the best picture taken for the big maga and video Japanese festival.

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Hyper Japan is the UK’s biggest convention of Japanese culture and anime held in London. Hyper Japan is an annual event which runs on the last weekend of July and occasionally the end of November for a Christmas style market. Hyper Japan celebrates all things Japanese including food, art, culture, fashion, anime and video games.

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For me the best part is the Cosplay at the HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016 just blow your mind how amazing incredible and well done job has been made all this fans to dress up as manga and their super heroes. This year we will be hosting our well-known COSParade catwalk show, but on top of that, competitive cosplay will be returning to HYPER JAPAN with our brand new COSTest! While HYPER JAPAN welcomes cosplayers of all experience levels, this new competition celebrates the skills of those cosplayers who go the extra mile to make bespoke costumes that show their love for the characters they portray. With exciting prizes to be won, it’ll be a spectacle to behold and unforgettable fun for participants. Even so is very hard to choose which is the best cosplay as the are some amazing work made here and for me deserve the full admiration.

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Best moments of Hyper Japan / Los mejores momentos del Festival Hyper Japan.

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But is not all about manga and cosplay we can also see beautiful Japanese music and learn so much about his beautiful culture.

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Also is a great time and opportunity to do Japanese shopping just here in London is so much to find costume, video games, poster, toys, manga book and magazine accessories anything you can possible imagine is here. hyperjapan 178hyperjapan 177hyperjapan 176hyperjapan 163hyperjapan 150hyperjapan 149hyperjapan 075hyperjapan 065

However if you prefer more traditional Japaneses culture  is also a great opportunity to find beautiful garments , delicious sake, traditional painting , Japanese porcelain tea set and much more. hyperjapan 064hyperjapan 051hyperjapan 042hyperjapan 035hyperjapan 027

Well I could not resit to take a selfie with this well done cosplay in the hyper Japan.

Do you want to visit Hyper Japan Festival ? I will give you all details just email me.

as the next will come in Christmas season so you still have a good opportunity to get ready.

Location: HYPER JAPAN Festival: Kensington Olympia Grand, London.

here are some details of festival. http://hyperjapan.co.uk/

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