Benefits of a Cup of Coffee with Style, is trendy now meet up with friends or have a time for your own have a latte however what are the benefit of this activity?

Beneficios de tomar un cafe con estilo, esta demoda el tomarse un tiempo libre para ir a tomarse un cafecito sin embargo que beneficios nos puede traer para nosotras?

  1. Primero sales de casa o del trabajo
  1. First you get the change to get out of home or work

2. Puede ser a cualquier hora del día

  1. You can have coffee at any time of day

3.Es más económico que ir de copas

  1. It is cheaper than going for drinks

4.Suele ser un ambiente más seguro

  1. It is usually a safer environment

5.Te lo puedes tomar sola o con amigas

  1. You can have it alone or with friends

6.Puede ser una reunión o una cita.

  1. It can be an appointment or date.

Pero lo más importante es una escusa válida para que luzcas divina, desde ahora en adelante se acabo eso de guardar la ropa para un mejor momento, no ,no todo los días son buenos para lucir Divina. Veras que recibirás tantos piropos que te gustara la idea y te ayudara a tu autoestima y aun cuando nadie dijera nada, tú te vas a sentir especial por que tomarse un cafecito como una Diva es un momento para ti, un momento de relax y personal y para dejar que el mundo te admire, no existe mujer fea, todas somos bonitas si nos arreglamos, así pues no esperes que te inviten a una fiesta, una discoteca o tengas un cumpleaños para usar ese vestido o atuendo que tanto te gusta usa el bolso que te gusta tus zapatos preciosos y dígale a la vida YO VALGO YO ME LO MEREZCO YO SOY UNA DIVA.

7. But most important is a valid excuse to show off how divine you are, from now on please do not keep your beautiful clothes for a better time or special moment, who knows when that might happen instead use any day any excuse to dress up and look Divine. You will see you will receive so many compliments, than later on you will like the idea, will not also help your self-esteem because regardless if noone said anything special to you,In which case I very much doubt, you’re going to feel special, because this is your time, having a coffee as a Diva is a moment dedicated for you, a moment of relaxation, is a way to show to the world who you true are and let others to see you, I don’t believe there are ugly women, if we take care about ourselves we can all looks good, Do not wait until you get an invitation to a party, nightclub or have a birthday to wear that dress or outfit that you really like, to use that handbag that you are crazy about it, come on take that beautiful shoes out of home for a walk and tell to yourself I am worth it , I deserve I AM a DIVA.

8. Bueno espero lo pasen muy bien y si me hacen caso envíame una foto o un mensajito yo lo hice un gran abrazo su amiga que las quiere Positive Diva.

  1. Well I hope you have a great time in this proposal and if you for instant have a coffee with Diva style please send me a photo or Message, telling me I did it, a big hug my friend all my blessing for you Positive Diva.

“Recuerden Despierten como Divas y vivan como Divas es solo amor personal de saberse valorar quien eres”

“Remember wake up as Divas and live like a Diva is just a way to love yourself and value who you truly are.”


Wrote C.Donoso by Positive Diva.

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